How to Have a Heart Connected to Allah

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  • The teaching of the Holy Prophets Peace be upon him have great and the unique significance to run the life of the Muslim. and without that teachings and the practical examples we are just paralyzed. It is the explanation of the Hadith that there lies a special piece of flesh in a body that all the body depends upon it like if it is working properly then there is no problem but if it is not working proper and it is corrupted then whole body suffer the same scenario. and verily it is the piece that named as “Heart” inside your human body.

    Your mood swings usually depend upon your heart. As when someone says, hey its good outside let’s have a round across the park then you might have a stance that I am not in a mood to move out. There always lies situation in which you turn yourself according to the special mood. Some people turn their mood with respect to weather changes as weather becomes awesome then it must have the good changes in their mood swings and they plane to move out for a visit and then show the feeling of enchantment.

    The religious terms also specified and totally depends upon the decision of your hearts as there lies always a soft corner in each heart who can change your personality completely. You must have the religious gatherings to enlighten your heart through the positive way. and you can also make the religious tours through the Ramadan Umrah Pilgrimage packages for family from London with hotel and flight. Many people make struggles in their life but hardly make enough to complete the desires to go for this Holy tour. As there are many lucky people who complete these desires twice in their lives. But all the rewards of the prayers just depend upon your heart.

    There is only way to connect you heart with Allah Almighty. and that success can only be achieved through of your religion.Islam has provided the many valuable teachings to improve our personality. You can make yourself punctual in your prayers so that you will always be in the religious environment. As no one can look what is inside your heart but the personality can only be improve when you have the heart with Islamic principles.As you turn towards the Allah make remembrance of Allah Almighty then angels surround you. So always be under the great protection of Islam so that you can improve your life in a better way.

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