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1698207791 394 Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Blog Archive BloggingBelow is the Robert’s Snow illustrator-and-snowflake feature schedule for Monday, October 22.

I’ve decided to stop featuring older snowflakes at these daily-schedule posts (even though it was a delight to do so) and instead feature some of the 2007 snowflakes which were not snagged by a blogger for a feature in this Blogging for a Cure effort. (As a reminder, when I announced in September the call to bloggers to feature the snowflake-making illustrators and their snowy creations, some artists had not yet submitted their snowflakes to Dana-Farber. So, in order to get this Blogging for a Cure effort organized as quickly as possible, I worked off just that first list of illustrators — and bloggers are highlighting illustrators whose snowflakes Dana-Farber had already received at that time. Therefore — and unfortunately — not all the participating artists will be featured).

But I can at least show you some of the other new snowflakes which will not be featured by participating bloggers.

1698207791 75 Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Blog Archive BloggingToday’s snowflake, “Jingle Pig Rock,” was created by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. We at 7-Imp are big fans of Jarrett’s books. We’ve made that clear here (a Sunday kicks feature on Jarrett), here (a co-review of his new title, Punk Farm on Tour), here (our interview with him from May of this year), here (when Eisha briefly got to meet him and said “you rock” a lot), and (whew) a few other spots on our site where we’ve reviewed earlier books of his. In fact, some time very soon, the Punk Farm gang — Pig, Sheep, Cow, Goat, and Chicken — will be stopping by for an interview. Don’t you want to see them answer those weird and wonderful Pivot questions? We know we do.

You can bid on Jarrett’s snowflake during the third auction, which begins December 3rd and runs until December 7th. (And here is his own blog post about the snowflake).

Reminder that in this below schedule, the illustrator’s name links to his/her website, but click on the blog to be taken to that blogger’s snowflake/illustrator feature:

Monday, October 22, 2007:

Did you see yesterday’s features? I wish I had time to point out some highlights from all of them, as I enjoyed reading each one. This response from Maxwell Eaton III — when asked what he wanted, as a kid, to be when he grew up and featured here at Darla’s Books & other thoughts — made me almost choke on my coffee from laughing:

When I was a kid I wanted to be a drifter living about a hundred and fifty years ago. Not a hobo, because I didn’t want to clutter my mind with train schedules, but a guy wandering the woods and plains and playing a jaw harp. Maybe with a wolf that tags along. And I think I would have a slight ability to communicate with animals. Mainly owls. And I’d either have a sweet facial scar, a limp with a story behind it, or maybe a missing eye or finger. I was serious, but unfortunately so was my high school guidance counselor when he told me that most colleges don’t offer Drifting as a major.

Those pesky train schedules.

Thanks to all participating bloggers for these fun features.

As I say every single day in case you’ve missed it, don’t forget this new page here at 7-Imp, updated daily, which lists all the illustrator features thus far in one spot, and it’s turning into a handy-dandy, way-cool illustrator resource for us Picture Book Nerds.

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