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Tomorrow morning at Kirkus, I’ll have a brief Q & A with illustrator Amy June Bates (whose work I very much adore, as I made clear in 2008’s breakfast interview), Chair of the Society of Illustrators’ 2011 Original Art jury. Amy gives Kirkus readers the low-down on the winners of this year’s Gold and Silver awards, as well as some of the history behind this award and its significance in the field of children’s lit.

1660579159 163 Siete cosas imposibles antes del desayunoAs you’ll see tomorrow, should you be so inclined to go read the column, I also threw in a group shot of the 2011 jury. We may look very tired, as the picture was taken after a day of looking at over 500 picture books, but we are the happy kind of tired.

That link will be here in the morning.

In last week’s Kirkus column, I discussed Brian Selznick’s latest title, Wonderstruck, to be released by Scholastic on September 13th. Today I’m here to show two gorgeous spreads from the book. One is above, and there’s one more below. (“While Hugo was beautifully crafted, Wonderstruck is even more so,” I wrote last week. “I found myself lingering over the pencil drawings of young Rose in particular. This is some of Selznick’s most visually arresting work.”)

That’s the young Rose pictured above. See what I mean?

I have the opportunity to chat with Selznick this week and will gladly bring you that 7-Imp interview relatively soon.

Here’s the other Wonderstruck image, the “Cabinets of Wonders.” You may click the image itself to enlarge it slightly. Enjoy.

1660579159 164 Siete cosas imposibles antes del desayuno

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Illustrations from Wonderstruck. Copyright © 2011 by Brian Selznick. Used with permission from Scholastic Press.

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